Jun 9, 2009

Wendy's Triathlon 2008

This race was by far my best performance to date. I really didn't have any nerves going into this race because it didn't mean that much to me. And after looking at last years winning times, I figured I had a shot to finish towards the top. Jody, Eriksen and I got into Columbus Saturday evening and decided to go right to the race sight for a little training. We were all trying to train right through this race, so a little training before dinner was necessary. Jody headed off on a ride, and Eriksen and I headed into the lake. After about 1500-2000 meters of swimming, we met Jody for a quick shake out run. We didn't go more than 3 miles. My legs felt really good on Saturday and I knew I would have a decent race. After our workout, we headed to the hotel to get settled. We ended up staying in a hotel that was way too expensive for me. But, it was big and very comfortable. It was more like a mini apartment. After getting settled, we all headed over to Quaker Steak and Lube for some dinner and a few beers. We actually ordered the beer tower, which may have been a little too big (100 ounces). After dinner, we went back to the hotel and tried to get some rest.Race morning went pretty normal. I felt fresh during my 10 minute run, and I was excited to have a quick swim. Before the start, I started to get a little nervous because I was seeing a few pretty good athletes. There were a ton of collegiate athletes. Plus, Mario Desiderio and Jun Yumiguchi had shown up. After walking a half-mile down the beach, we headed into the water for the start. I can honestly say I was a little more light hearted than usual. I spent the last 10 minutes before the race start joking around and having fun. But, once the gun went off, it was business. As soon as we started, I sprinted with the lead pack. After 100 meters, I was swimming on the feet of two very strong swimmers. Unfortunately, I lost contact after about 300 meters. My swim could have been a little bit stronger, but I had a good line and a good exit. I headed up swimming a little over 10:30 (4th fastest swim overall). My second transition was very slow as usual. I still can't get my wetsuit off.After the slow T1, I tried to make up some time. My bike leg was decent, but I tried to slow it down a little bit towards the end. I wanted to have a decent run this time around. I came off the bike flying and my T2 was pretty fast. I probably hit the run course cruising 5:20 pace across the parking lot.Before one mile, the race went into the grass and onto a trail. It was a little hard to keep my footing, but I tried to get through it. Once I hit the pavement again, I tried to put the hammer down. Right after the turn around, I saw Eriksen and he told me the leader was 20 feet ahead...I knew I had to push it. Coming back up a little hill before we headed into the trail, I caught the leader and flew by him. As I cruised back towards the beach, I thought I had the race won. I crossed the finish line and waited 3:40 until Jun Yumiguchi crossed. His wave went off 4:00 after mine. Who knows what would have happened if we were in the same wave? My run was a little over 19:00 and I had the fasted run split overall.A few days after the race, I received an email informing me that I was DQ'd. I had raced in a helmet that was not sanctioned by the USAT. I had no idea. A little over a year ago, I bought the Giro Advantage helmet online. A few months later the Giro Advantage 2 helmet came out. Apparently, my helmet failed a safety test and is not sanctioned in the US.... But, it is perfectly safe overseas. Doesn't make much sense to me. Wish I knew which asshole told the race officials about my helmet... I'll get one eventually...

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