Nov 15, 2009

Moving to The Sunshine Factory

In an effort to spend the winter on two wheels, I'll be moving out west to Tucson, AZ. Moving away from Cleveland for a winter has been on my mind for the last few years, and with graduation 3 weeks away, it is about time for a change! I have set some big goals for myself for the 2010 triathlon season, and I am hoping that spending a winter putting in base miles will help me reach my goals. For those Clevelanders who tough out the winter riding the trainer and running the icy roads, I have a great deal of admiration. But, I know my time would be better spent training in a warmer climate. I'll be back to Cleveland in late June to race the remainder of the season. So far, my schedule includes the ITU Long Course World Championships in Germany, Rev 3 Cedar Point Half Ironman, and The Lonestar 70.3. I expect to add another 7-10 races to the 2010 scehdule. Because I am moving back to Cleveland for the majority of the season, I plan to continue race locally and nationally for Fleet Feet Sports and Flexus Fitness Group; however, I am currently working on picking up a few more sponsors.

While I am out training in Tucson, AZ all winter, I want to keep in touch with everyone back in Cleveland. I plan to update this blog pretty regularly to keep in contact with everyone. Plus, if anyone wants to spend spring break riding under the sun, all it takes is a plane ticket to Tucson. It is going to be pretty busy before I set out to the desert, but I am always willing to grab a beer with anyone. Even though I am headed out of town, I hope to come back and see that the winter treated everyone well and everyone is super fit and healthy. Here's to a break through 2010 season for everyone.


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  1. I am kinda sad that you are moving away, but I know this move will make you a stronger, better developed triathlete. Best of luck bro...and maybe I can squeeze a Tucson vacay out of it..:)