Jun 18, 2010

Winter in Tucson, Arizona

Enjoying the sunset on top of my favorite Tucson climb, Gates Pass

Sammy J and I drinking a little whiskey... why not?

Kaitlin and I during our last BBQ in Tucson

At the Desert Museum... but a snake just like this slid into my garage once!

Crashing the nicest resort in Tucson for a little rest and recovery

Trying to train when half of our normal riding routes were flooded!

Katie and I after an evening "hike" on top of Gates Pass

Out of the water in the first chase pack (on the far right), less than 2 minutes off leader Chris McDonald

Driving up Mount Lemmon on my first evening in Tucson

I took a bite out of a snake that was at the bottom of a $200 bottle of sake.

On top of the world, inches away from falling off a mountain


Endless winter miles

Road rash from a gnarly crash. If you want to hear the whole story, ask me sometime ;)

On top of Mt. Lemmon. Most satisfying cookie in Arizona.

2nd Overall at Rage Triathlon, had the day's fastest (legitimate) bike split

Last night in Tucson, crazy night with lots of good people

Sunset in Tucson. Enjoying it from my roof after a hard day of training

Best winter job ever!!! Working and training at Hillenbrand was a perfect addition to my Arizona adventure

The view from Saguaro East, amazing 8 mile loop in the desert

Off-Road adventure with roommate Rusty, perfect start to a very cool winter.

Infamous climb, Gates Pass

Birthday beers with good friends