Dec 7, 2009

Looking for Motivation?

Tonight, I stumbled upon a pretty special documentary. It seems like you always find something interesting when you aren’t looking for it. This evening, I had the privilege of being inspired.

Watch it at 

The documentary, “Kicking It,” is based on the Homeless World Cup in South Africa. Several years ago, a few men organized a soccer tournament that would be open to teams of homeless competitors from all across the world. More than 500 men from 48 countries competed in this tournament. Not one of these competitors was privileged in any way. These men were from the worst of slums. Even though they all lived in poverty, they all fought incredible obstacles to represent their country in sport. Some men had lost everything due to drugs and alcohol and some were never even given a chance. Some men came from countries where playing soccer was an offense punishable by death. Regardless, their hope was simply a sport. It gave their life purpose… Maybe the only thing they had to fight for.

The power of sport is very interesting. It is so simple, yet it has the ability to save lives. For people that had nothing, it gave them hope. Who would have thought something as simple as a tournament could change so many people’s lives. For every athlete out there, we all have our motivations. But next time you aren’t sure if you can achieve your goals or dreams, think about these men who did.

If you have 90 minutes… open yourself up and watch this video, especially if you are having some trouble with winter motivation.

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